There is no match for the amount of speculations about the MacBook Air 2016 currently gripping tech aficionados. So much so that, Apple fans have heard the rumors about the MacBook 2016 hitting store shelves, while the MacBook Air lineup will be bumped off.

Again, it cannot be denied that the thrill is in the anticipation and in predicting what can be expected from the upcoming MacBook Air 2016. Since the speculations about a November 2015 launch of the laptop began the rounds, the question on everyone’s mind is: When is it actually arriving? Recent reports are predicting that the MacBook will be introduced to fans at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

According to the Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple could indeed be launching the MacBook Air 2016 in June at the WWDC. Fans can definitely pin their hopes on that given that most predictions so far have gone kaput. As the speculated Christmas launch of the MacBook Air 2016 seems highly unlikely to happen now.

What many are sure of is that they may witness a radical change on the design of the MacBook, given that it has consistently remained the same since it first hit the stores. The upcoming laptop is predicted to be much sleeker than its predecessor. The outlet stated, “It is reported that the new MacBook Air will be thinner than existing models, performance is more prominent, will debut next year in Apple’s WWDC.”

There are reports that there are very high chances the 11-inch model may be bumped off and a 15-inch variant could be added to the lineup. What’s more? As noted by MacWorld, the MacBook Air 2016 models may arrive with Retina display, longer battery life and even Touch ID and Force Touch features.

There is no doubt that fans are keeping an eye out when Apple decides to introduce the much-talked about MacBook Air 2016 to the world.