The predictions about the MacBook Air 2016 arriving with a $899 price tag have been doing the rounds for some time now. It is worth noting that if the device does launch with that tag, it will be the cheapest MacBook Air till date.

Now, after the speculations of the MacBook Pro 2016 packing in a new Nvidia GPU comes the rumor that even the MacBook Air 2016 will be aiming to please gamers across the globe. The Air 2016 may just house the same GPU as expected on the Pro 2016, the GeForce GTX 950, as shared by MNR Daily.

What’s new in the upcoming Nvidia chip? It comes with a GameStream co-op through which users online can stream games to their friends. What is also known about the Air 2016 is that the offering may come with Touch ID and Force Touch and it may also boast of Retina Display and USB Type-C port.

The Air 2015 will also be seen housing the Intel Core-M Skylake processor, however, these chips are expected to go in production during the last quarter of the year, as earlier noted by Christian Post. This only indicates that while the MacBook 2016 lineup may be announced this year, the devices will only be released early next year.

The site also pointed out that the MacBook Air 2016 could be seen hitting the shelves in March next year. Given the high-end features the MacBook is being expected to arrive with, it only seems reasonable.

While even the idea of an Apple Notebook arriving with a $899 has taken many by surprise, whether it will pack high-end specs for gamers, remains to be seen.

The rumors indicate an October launch for both the MacBook Air 2016 as well as the MacBook Pro 2016. With the price point of $899, and the with the features it may sport, the Surface Pro 4 may be seen receiving a stiff competition, as it is expected to arrive on October 19.