MacBook Air 2016 rumors continue to do the rounds as we inch closer to the year end. With just two days to go before the start of the new year, predictions about the MacBook release date have increased in intensity.

According to report on App Advice, MacBook Air should be arriving sometime in April 2016 along with the new MacBook and the new MacBook Pro. However previous reports have hinted the Cupertino tech giant gearing up to release the MacBook Air 2016  during its World Wide Developer Conference in June next year. MacBook 2016 series release date predictions have been all over the place since the time the lineup didn’t show up at the Apple event in September 2015.

Apple fans can keep their fingers crossed that the MacBook Air 2016 shows up at one of these events. Nothing can be said with absolute certainty since the Cupertino tech company never breaks its silence, so take the information with a pinch of salt.

Previous reports have suggested that the MacBook Air lineup will show-off two variants: 13-inch and 15-inch, as expected. However, recent reports are also indicating that a 12-inch laptop may also be seen joining the MacBook Air 2016 series.

According to Master Herald, it is only recently that the rumors of a 12-inch MacBook Air have begun to surface. The report also goes on to suggest that this could probably end up with a no show as did the iPhone 6C.

For those not in the know, before the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were going to be announced, rumors were rife that the event would also witness the launch of a smaller variant  the iPhone 6C, but that never happened. So while the rumors of a 12-inch MacBook Air have begun to do the rounds, there is no saying whether fans may actually come face to face with the MacBook variant in question.

Apple fans should keep coming back for more updates on the MacBook 2016 lineup.