For Apple fans who have been waiting for a new Macbook Air to come out this 2016, no need to worry because it is unlikely that market leader Apple would just cancel a product release for a competition.

Still, it is important to note that despite the company’s prowess in releasing innovative products, the offering of other tech giants in the market also provide a major challenge.

In a report by Christian Today, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is seen as a major competitor to the rumored Macbook Air that Apple will be releasing this year. The website details that one of the factors that makes the Surface Pro a strong contender against the new generation of Macbook Air was the device’s surge in sales during the 2015 holidays. In addition, the website suggests that the Surface Pro could be considered as one of last year’s best gadgets.

The website offers an analysis of the potential competition between the two devices by discussing the specs that make up the Surface Pro.

One of the features that Christian Today cites is that the Surface Pro sports 12.3-inch display with a capacity up to 1TB as well as 16GB RAM. The Surface Pro runs on Windows 10 with 273 x 1824 for its screen resolution.

As to how the 2016 Macbook Air fares out with these specs, MNR Daily details some of the rumored features of the upcoming Apple device.

One of the speculations MNR Daily reports about the new Macbook Air is that it may be solar powered. Another feature detailed by the website is that the new device will bring in Touch ID and Force Touch. However, it was not elaborated as to how and why these features will be incorporated in the new Macbook Air.

For now, any features about the 2016 Macbook Air are rumors so it should not be taken as absolute fact.

The new Macbook Air may come out in March or June of 2016–both of which are unusual dates for Apple to launch their new devices.