A Lyon teacher is in police custody after a disastrous ski trip which took the life of two people.  The group of students went for skiing onto a closed slope and they were caught up in the French avalanche.

The incident triggered the death of two students, as reported by Mirror. The report also said that the group apparently ignored netting and warning signs which asked them not to go down the piste.  The dead students were a 16-year-old girl and  boy. Another 57-years-old skier from Ukraine, who was not part of the group,  was  also killed in the avalanche. They were skiing in Les Deux Alpes.

The piste was closed for safety reason when the misfortune happened. The Lyon teacher is facing a judicial investigation. The 47-year-old sports teacher, is currently being treated for head injuries and fractured elbow in Grenoble University Hospital, confirmed the mirror. The authorities have put him under police custody in the hospital.

French Minister for Youth and Sports Patrick Kenner remarked, “a judicial inquiry will say why the teacher who was himself injured took (the group) onto a piste which was not open”. Mr. Kenner also expressed his surprise at the teacher’s decision to take the students to such a dangerous place. He said, “how can you think of taking children, following periods of heavy snowfall, on to a piste which was closed.” Mr. Kenner called it a “lack of judgment”.

Dominique Letang, director of the National Agency for the Study of Snow and Avalanches (ANENA) said, “in 90 percent of cases, it’s the action of a human being that causes an avalanche.” He said that the avalanche was “a typical case of a slab of snow formed by the heavy winds in recent days.”

The avalanche risk in the resort on the day of the incident was three on a scale of five, affirmed France 24.

Students at the school are still in shock.  It was reported that this kind of outing is customary and are repeated many times a year with the same instructors.  This kind of disaster never happened before.