The Lumia 940 has been a hot topic throughout the internet but there have been no official announcements regarding its development and release date, until recently. Microsoft has confirmed that they will be releasing their newest flagship phone “soon”.

“Last week we announced a focusing on our Lumia lineup, but let me be clear: soon you will see premium new Lumias designed for Windows 10,” Microsoft’s Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson said during the company’s first keynote address at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 in Orlando.

While Myerson didn’t confirm what “premium” Lumia devices will be releasing soon, many sources think it could be the Lumia 940 or something similar. Windows Central believes the new smartphones will be introduced at the IFA trade show in Berlin this September 4.

Rumors are also surfacing that the Lumia 940 will be more expensive compared to its biggest competitors, Apple and Samsung.


Times of India reveals that both of the flagship phones — the Lumia 940 and its phablet version, the Lumia 940 XL — will sport a polycarbonate body compared from their previous product made with metallic materials. However, it may still be priced higher than the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.

Currently, the starting price of the Apple iPhone 6 is $699, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available for $599. If teh Lumia 940 will have a price tag higher than its competition, it would be interesting to see what the Windows 10 smartphone will offer the market.

Sources say Microsoft is planning to use a removable back cover for battery access and an additional allotment for a MicroSD chip, aside from its 32GB internal memory. The high end phones may also feature a Retina Scanner and a Triple LED flash.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the price and features of the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL.