Marvel’s Defenders found a good home in Netflix. Starting from Marvel’s Daredevil, the platform has since expanded to accommodate other beloved Marvel characters including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Iron Fist. There’s so much going on with these characters and upcoming shows which we try to collate below.

Among the Marvel series in the said platform, Luke Cage is closest to premiering new episodes come end of September. Meanwhile, Iron Fist is on its way to completing filming. Marvel’s Defenders, though still a long way, is also beginning to shape up.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage’s own outing officially releases on September 30. However, a selected few already had access to the series and the reviews are in. As to where the character and his own series stand, Collider had the following description:

“Taking place several months after Jessica Jones, Cage has relocated to Harlem from Hell’s Kitchen, and is attempting to keep a low profile. He’s barely making ends meet as he sweeps hair at a local barbershop and cleans dishes at a nightclub owned by the crime boss Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. … The fallout from this is what pushes Cage to finally move forward with his life and embrace his strengths for the protection of those who need it.”

Meanwhile, a new clip of the upcoming series also emerged. The 50-seconder video showed Cage having a run-in with some goons who shoot at him mercilessly. Obviously, as the titular character claims, they haven’t heard about what he’s capable of.

Jessica Jones season 2

Fans of Jessica Jones would have to wait until 2018 for season 2. However, that doesn’t mean news about the upcoming season is scarce.

An article from Den of Geek back in August speculated that the show’s second season may feature multiple villains. The source relays how showrunner Melissa Rosenberg thought no one could top season 1’s Kilgrave. Hence, there’s the potential that they could introduce multiple big bads.

Iron Fist

The latest Iron Fist tease comes from the titular character himself.

Screen Rant reports that actor Finn Jones hinted at a Lei-Kung the Thunderer appearance from his Instagram account. The site speculates that if indeed Lei-Kung makes an appearance, his and Iron Fist’s dynamic would be similar to that of Matt Murdock’s and Stick’s.

Check back for more news on Marvel’s Defenders. For the meantime, you can catch Luke Cage when all episodes debut on September 30.