Football is unfortunately often riddled with trash talk and abusive behavior on and off the field. Despite measures against it, fans often hurl insults at players during matches. Such was the case for FC Barcelona star Luis Suarez, who found the perfect way to silence disrespectful Sevilla fans during the Spanish Super Cup.

Last week, Sevilla hosted the La Liga champions for the first leg of the Cup. While watching the game comfortably in their home turf, some Sevilla fans decided that they could chant some insults at Luis Suarez.

The Mirror shared a report of the incident, where fans could be heard simultaneously chanting against Suarez. Some of the insults include: “Uruguayan son of a b–h” and “buy a muzzle!”

The latter is an obvious dig at Suarez, who had previously faced suspensions after biting Giorgio Chiellini and Branislav Ivanovic on separate occasions. This time, Suarez did not respond with his teeth. He chose to silence the Sevilla fans with his feet. He scored the game’s opening goal in the 54th minute and subsequently taunted the fans.

Straight after scoring the goal, he went up near the stands and held his finger to his lips. He also cupped his hand to his ear as if he’s straining to hear the insulting chants. Unfortunately for Sevilla, another goal by Munir in the 81st minute sealed a 2-0 Barca victory.

Things got even worse for Sevilla fans when their team flew to the Camp Nou in Barcelona last night. They entered the second leg with a 2-goal deficit but they were not able to recover.

Instead, ESPN reports that they received a 3-0 thrashing, thanks to a brace by Arda Turan and a header from Lionel Messi.

In the end, Barcelona lifted the Spanish Super Cup with a 5-0 aggregate score. Luis Suarez didn’t let the abuse ruin his game. Instead, he and his teammates used it to slam the door right in the face of the abusive spectators.