Luis Suarez back to English Premier League? Well, he doesn’t rule out the opportunity. When it comes to Liverpool and his fans at Anfield, it becomes something more to him.

The Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, made a record  £75m move to Barcelona back in July 2014. He moved from Anfield having scored 84 goals in that season.  He has came too close to “helping Liverpool win the title.”

The Guardian reports that he was originally signed from Ajax back in 2011 to Liverpool.

“You never know what will happen in the future,” Suarez told ESPN. “If I was to return to England, it would be to play for Liverpool – not for any other team.”

He didn’t lose the support of his fans even after getting entangled in some controversies. Despite being under the media spotlight, he still enjoyed a great relationship with the Liverpool fans.

He further added, “I have missed the fans. The atmosphere [at Anfield] is incredible, it’s incredible. Everyone that has played for Liverpool knows how important the supporters are. They know that they are in my heart.”

The current Barca striker made it clear that he would only return to the premier league if Liverpool signs him. He won’t be making way to any other team other than Anfield.

The Barcelona forward had a terrific run last season.  And even now, continues to impress fans. He has already scored 29-goals for the Catalonian side this season and looks unstoppable at the moment.

Suarez along with Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. form the deadly trio. The attack upfront is capable of demolishing any side. Even when Messi was sidelined due to injury, Suarez took the onus upon himself to carry the baton forward along with Neymar.

The Metro UK quotes, “Despite the never-ending biting and racism controversies, the 29-year-old striker will always hold a place in the heart of every Liverpool supporter and the feeling is very much mutual.”