Lucy Turnbull will head the powerful new government agency set to oversee planning and development across Sydney.

The accomplished businesswoman refuses to allow any suggestion that her marriage of over three decades to Malcolm Turnbull will create any conflict of interest, reported SMH.

“I’m a woman in 2015 – I can make my own mind up,” she said.

Mrs. Turnbull was said to have been appointed as chief commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission last week, a body under the NSW Government with considerable power to steer the future direction of the city.

“I want to try to make sure that the GSC plays a very effective role in making sure that Sydney’s planning future is as good as it can be so that we are a livable, prosperous, sustainable and productive city,” she said.

According to ABC, the State Government is expected to announce Mrs. Turnbull’s new position on Friday.

Mrs. Turnbull believes a ‘dream’ Sydney would slash councils across the city from 41 down to 6, and sees the development of Parramatta as a second CBD an essential part of the state’s economic, social and physical growth.

“Parramatta is an important component of that, and so is Western Sydney. I think Parramatta fulfilling its potential is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in ensuring Sydney’s success,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the Greater Sydney Commission would lead a new era of joined-up thinking in planning for the future of the nation’s only global city.

“I’ve never met someone more passionate about Sydney than Lucy. She will lead the Commission and be tasked with better coordinating delivery of the homes and jobs we need, as well as access to outdoor space and livable communities.

“I am also excited that we have been able to attract people of the caliber of Heather Nesbitt, Rod Simpson and Geoff Roberts to the Commission.”

Lucy Turnbull was the Lord Mayor of Sydney from 2003 to 2004, is an officer of the Order of Australia, a businesswoman, lawyer and community advocate. 

She has been described as ‘the epitome of the high-achieving 21st-century Australian woman’ by the ABC.

Last year, Mr. Turnbull said his wife was “one of those people who light up every room she enters” when speaking to the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“It is almost impossible for me to imagine, let alone remember, what it was like not to be together – so much so that I have a much clearer sense of ‘Lucy and me’ than I do of ‘me.”

“We’re very much a team,” he told media earlier in 2015, “she supports me in my work and I support her in hers.”