Vincent van Gogh was one of the most celebrated post-Impressionist painters in the world. More than a century after his death, his creative masterwork will be showcased once again in the first ever fully painted feature film.

“Loving Vincent” is a docu-drama about the life and works of Van Gogh. The film brings the spirit of the artist to life with over 120 of his greatest paintings.

The frames in the film will all be oil painting on canvas. This is very same technique Van Gogh used for his works.

According to the film’s website, “Loving Vincent’ is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s most beloved painters, told by his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them.” The film was based in over 800 letters written by Van Gogh throughout his life.

The plot, the website describes, will “lead us to the significant people and events in the time leading up to his unexpected death.”

Currently in the works, Polish painter Dorota Kobiela and filmmaker Hugh Welchman will direct the film, according to the Huffington Post. Oscar-winning film companies Breakthru Films and Trademark Films will be its producers.

The Huffington Post reports that painters skilled in Van Gogh’s style may contribute in making the frames of “Loving Vincent.” This will involve a training and work at the film’s studio in Gdansk, Poland, until August 2016.

The Dutch painter, who influenced 20th-century art, was famous for the masterpiece “The Starry Night.” He started his painting career at the age of 27. Reports say he suffered fits of despair and hallucination which hindered his creative process. BBC History wrote that after an episode of depression, Van Gogh shot himself in 27 July 1890. He died two days later.