There’s a lot of drama that went down on “Love Island” this week. Only one person was supposed to be eliminated. But two people ended up going home. Will an old fan favorite return to take their place?

According to Mirror UK, all the housemates were already shocked when a villa original, Malin Andersson, was voted off the island last episode.  But their surprise went to a whole new level when Andersson’s boyfriend, Terry Walsh, announced that he would be leaving too.

“Don’t get upset. I’m coming with you ain’t I?” Walsh told Andersson. “I’m packing too and I’m coming with you. I’m not staying without you…I’m not going to win this on my own.”

With their joint departure, the Island is now down by one man. Will producers be forced to find a replacement? Could they bring back a contestant who previously left to take their place?

Zara Holland earlier left the series to take care of her mother who has fallen ill. But, according to the Sun UK, fans are still hoping that the former beauty queen would make a comeback on the show. They think Holland has a shot at returning especially since she earlier confirmed that her mom is doing better.

“Can’t thank you all enough for your continued support, I am overwhelmed,” Holland wrote on social media. “My mum is much better, thanks you all for asking about her.”

Could Holland really be brought back in to replace Andersson and Walsh? Her fans certainly think so. “Get back in the villa. They said the door was open for [you],” one fan reminded her on Twitter. “Now your mum is getting better, any chance of you going back to the villa? We need you to find your Prince Charming,” another fan said. However, her return on “Love Island” has yet to be confirmed.