Malin Andersson did not particularly enjoy the last few episodes of “Love Island.” Will she really return on the show to exact her revenge?

The events of last week might not have been easy for the show’s former contestant. TV viewers voted her off the mansion. Her (now former) boyfriend, Terry Walsh, did promise to leave with her after that, though. But he later changed his mind and decided to stay.

To add insult to injury, Walsh then moved on to “Love Island” newcomer, Emma Jane Woodham, just a day and a half after her exit from the show. But Andersson has no plans of taking things lying down. Will she really make a comeback on the show to teach her ex a lesson?

According to The Sun UK, ITV has not confirmed Andersson’s return. However, the former reality TV contestant already got her revenge. She did not hold back on Snapchat after watching Walsh flirt with Woodham just hours after she left.

“They don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face, no?” Andersson said in a Snap she posted after Walsh kissed Woodham. She did not mince words.

She even mocked her ex-boyfriend‘s manhood over what happened. “She can touch Terry’s small willy. It’s OK,” she added. Walsh earlier promised to leave with Andersson after her shocking elimination.

“When I left I was put in lock down for a day,” Andersson recalled. “I was allowed to video message him… He said to me: ‘I’m not here for the girls, I’m here for you… I look forward to spending my time with you on the outside. So just wait for me.’ But he’s completely gone back on that word.”

Andersson might not return on the show anytime soon. According to Digital Spy, however, fans can expect to see host Caroline Flack on the island again.

“Last year, we had a weekly live dumping, but we changed that this year,” a source explained. “Now Caroline’s just involved in big, sensational bombshells.” What “big, sensational bombshell” will the host bring with her this time?

“Love Island” continues this week on ITV2.