TLC’s new reality dating show, Love at First Kiss, will let singles decide whom to date based on a single kiss. If this premise sounds familiar, you might have seen Seven Network’s Kiss, Bang, Love earlier this year. However, the show didn’t even make it to seven episodes. The local TV station cancelled the show after just one season because of poor ratings. Can the new Love at First Kiss series succeed where Kiss, Bang, Love did not?

The new series comes from one of America’s major lifestyle networks. It follows almost the exact same formula as the axed show from Down Under. Total strangers will come together and lock lips without so much as an introduction.

However, TLC’s new show differs from Kiss, Bang, Love in what happens after each kiss. In the Aussie show, contestants go on a romantic holiday with the person whose kiss they enjoyed the most. If the kiss proves great, the contestants on Love at First Kiss, on the other hand, will go on a two minute speed date. If all goes well after that, the pair will then go on a regular date.

Can the new show really prove that a perfect first kiss can lead people to true love? Will contestants find “The One” through TLC’s newest dating show?

Viewers might have to tune in to the show’s premiere to find out how effective first kisses are in letting people score dates. However, according to the IndependentLove at First Kiss might just make for “pretty awkward” television. TLC earlier released teasers for their show. The news site called the snippet “very disturbing.”

But the Independent did say the upcoming show might still be worth a watch. The same guys who introduced The Bachelor to the world also produced it after all. The new Love at First Kiss series will debut on TLC on August 4.