One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan will have to put their friendship aside, as the two bandmates prepare to go head to head for Soccer Aid which is set to kick off this weekend.

They’ve been bromancing their way through the One Direction hiatus for the last few months, but now Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have officially been dishing out some fighting talk as they prepare to play for opposing sides for this year’s Soccer Aid.

Daily Mail reports that Niall Horan is going up against Louis Tomlinson for the charity football tournament in aid of UNICEF, with Tomlinson playing for Jose Mourinho’s England and Horan for Claudio Ranieri’s Rest of the World.

Speaking about his chances, Niall Horan told Digital Spy: “We’ve got a very, very strong team,” he shared. “We’ve got Ronaldinho, I think that pretty much says enough. Just in general it’s gonna be an unbelievable experience.”

Horan also spoke about online sparring between him and Louis Tomlinson saying,  “Usually this banter happens on Twitter and stuff like that but I think the English boys have been a little bit quieter than they usually are,” he said. “I’m definitely confident about Soccer Aid. I think they know what’s coming… It really feels like we’re in a professional football team, it’s something we’ve all dreamt of as kids.”

But Horan’s words are certainly not psyching Louis Tomlinson out. In fact, he retaliated by posting a rather unflattering screenshot of his One Direction bandmate on Instagram. He captioned the post, “Giving it the big talk for soccer aid but this man doesn’t look very confident does he Niall … P.s really sorry couldn’t resist when I saw the photo @niallhoran.”

Soccer Aid is less than a week away and tickets are still on sale. The match takes place at Old Trafford on Sunday 5 June and the full game will be broadcast live on ITV in the UK.