“The Lost City of Z” star Robert Pattinson has revealed that he suffers from panic attacks and moments of self-doubt when gearing up for every new role. However, between movies, he loves to breathe and keep a safe distance from tabloids. His revelation comes as his new movie “Lost City of Z” drops a new trailer.

Robert Pattinson gave an interview to the French magazine Numero Homme where the “Twilight” star opened up about a variety of issues. Gossip Cop explains that according to the translation, when quizzed about the end of “Twilight,” Pattinson confessed to feeling the need to prove himself.

He believes that people still have an image of him because he did not have enough lead roles that could change it. While it took years for the star to digest his initial success, he had to take time to become ambitious or even chalk his professional journey.

There are still many insecurities and moments of panic and self-doubt for the star, states Design and Trend. “I still have lots of doubts about myself. The people I work with know this. Three weeks before filming, I just panic and call my family or friends telling them I will never be able to do it,” admitted the star. “At that moment, I really think it is the truth. My confidence leaves me, reduced in tatters. And then it is back when I enter the set. Even knowing this, the next time, it happens again. The people around me don’t even listen to me anymore,” he added.

So what does he do when he is not filming? Pattinson confessed that he lets himself breathe. He also stays away from the tabloids and now he has also shifted base to London from Los Angeles. “Leaving Los Angeles contributed to my balance as well. When we are there, the brain works weirdly. We imagine that leaving the city for a week will make us disappear from the radar,” he explained. “In England, where I come back to, all the people I meet don’t work in the film industry,” he added.

Robert Pattinson’s latest project is the “The Lost City of Z.” Pattinson portrays Henry Costin, an explorer who supports Percy Fawcett and is played by Charlie Hunnam in his search of a fabled civilisation. The movie has just released a brand new trailer.