If you’re trying to lose some pounds, you might want to consider what you’re putting in your salad. Apparently, there are findings that lettuce can actually make you fat.

In August, The Washington Post reported that the lettuce we put in our salad is actually a “leafy-green waste of resources.” According to the article, researchers have found out that the salad’s five lowest-ranking ingredients are cucumber, radishes, iceberg lettuce, celery, and eggplant.

The nutritional profile of these leafy vegetables reveals that they are “almost water.” A head of iceberg lettuce is equivalent to the water content of one Evian bottled water. The difference in the nutritional value between the two is relatively small.

The article discussed that opting for salad can lead dieters to make unhealthier choices. Pierre Chandon, a professor at an international business school in France, said that a salad is a kind of “health halo” food. As we often think that salad is highly nutritional, we tend to eat more of it as well as the fatty dressing and add-ons.

The New York Times recently published an article which also agrees with The Washington Post article — salads can make a person fat. Marketing researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found out in their study that people who shop for leafy vegetables have a tendency to also get ice cream or beer.

The researchers revealed a pattern wherein if people try to eat healthy, sort of feel it is okay to get one of two of something unhealthy. This results to what psychologists call the “licensing effect.” Their study found out that people with great self-control often feel that they are “licensed” to make some bad food choices once in a while.

“Ordering a side salad to go with your bacon cheeseburger is a deliberate and arguably rational trade-off between pleasure and health,” the site mentioned. People are likely to get french fries if there is salad available on the menu. And this seems to be the reason how fast food restaurants  profited.

So if you still insist on eating salads, cut down the crispy bacon bits, croutons, and mayonnaise. After all, the World Health Organization declared that bacon is carcinogenic.

With everything off your salad, would you even eat it if there’s nothing there but pure leafy-green vegetables?