If you have been patiently waiting for the film adaptation of “Looking for Alaska”, then you may have to extend that patience a little longer because the film may not push through after all.

In a recent report by Hypable, author John Green and Paramount Studio — who has the rights to the book’s adaptation — are not in good terms. Green made this known to his followers on Twitter in a series of tweets detailing his frustration and disappointment that the studio won’t return his calls.

A look at the author’s Twitter feed will only reveal three latest tweets pertaining to what Hypable is talking about.

First, John Green writes that he has an important announcement to make and although he does not make those kind of tweets often, the one he’s making is warranted.

Most of the fans first thought and hoped that the Young Adult (YA) novelist would be announcing a new book.



However, the author posted another tweet saying that he does not cast movies.

While one would think that the author is only toying with his fans and joking around, International Business Times reports that there’s a deeper meaning to the mysterious tweet. The website links to a Reddit thread wherein a user named OttselSpy25 shares a deleted tweet by Green.

In the deleted tweet, the author was quoted as saying, “In fact, the movie studio that owns the rights to the book in question won’t return my phone calls. They haven’t for months.”

While it is not mentioned what book or movie is being talked about, other users have pieced together that “Looking for Alaska” is the book in question. They also recall that the author has mentioned before in a video how Paramount never got around in doing the film.

One Reddit user also does not neglect the fact that “The Fault in Our Stars” gained a lot in the box office, hence it would make sense for Green to want to know what’s going on with the “Looking for Alaska” film.

For now, since no news about the project’s development have been released, it remains to be seen whether the movie will actually push through or get shelved for good.