Those of you who have watched The X Factor (UK series 12) by now would be familiar with 4th Impact. A Filipino girl group that has taken the world by surprise. The band consists of four super talented sisters, Almira, Celina, Irene, and Mylene. They may not win The X Factor series, but has easily won everyone’s heart. Here are some facts that you would enjoy to know about them.

The Girls

The elder sister, Almira, is the first one amongst them who was involved in singing from the very beginning. She used to participate in reality competitions. In fact, she received a scholarship in voice training at Singing Voice Training, Philippines. And she was the one who trained her other sisters. Meanwhile, the rest of the three girls are dancing experts. Thus, these super-knack girls know how to thoroughly entertain their audience!

Introducing 4th Impact

The Gollayan sisters come from a family of eight children. Originally from Santiago, Philippines, the family eventually settled down in Manila. One of their aunts, has discovered flairs in the girls and suggested them to form a band. Taken this advise, in 2001, the sisters formed a group known as The Cercados. Initially there were 5 sisters together. But one of them left the group in order to concentrate on her education. Viva Records signed off with the remaining four girls of The Cercados, and in 2008, they released their first album.

In the later years, the girls renamed their group as The Gollayan Sisters. Under this name, they participated in many reality contests. In 2013, they contended in the World Championship of The Performing Arts, and ended up winning the title “Vocal Group Of The World”.

In 2014, the girls, once again, changed their group’s name. This time, they put their initials together and formed MICA. With this new name, they took a bolder step. They competed in the Superstar K, an internationally recognised competition. That competition was considered to be the first turning point of their career. During one of the rounds, MICA performed “Let It Go” from the superhit animation Frozen. This performance went viral on YouTube, that successfully attracted nearly 20 million views!

2015 saw the major turning point in their career. The girls travelled all the way to UK to audition for the series 12 of The X Factor. Their performance received a standing ovation from the judges. Simon Cowell had to mention that it was one of the best performances that he had seen. Setting a high level for themselves, these girls successfully climbed all the way up till they reached 5th place. They were voted out. They will participate in The X Factor UK 2016 Live Tour.

Their performances in The X Factor determined thousands of fans for them. If you are one of their fans, want to know more about them, and follow them, log in their Facebook page, their Instagram, and their Tweeter.