The glass-bottomed bridge in China touted to be the longest will soon complete its construction.  The China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute released a report last month that the glass-bottomed bridge designed by the institute will soon be completed and it would be open to the public in May this year.

Mail Online confirmed that the workers had finished joining the last set of steel decks lining it . The glass-bottomed bridge is 1230-foot-long and hangs  984 feet above the ground. It took approximately one year to complete the bridge.  The total cost for building the bridge was 26 million Yaun. Plan for the construction was first announced in 2012 but the actual work on it began on November 2014.

The deputy chief engineer of China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute as well as one of the designers of the bridge, Wan Tianbao commented, “when lots of people walk on the bridge in quick progression, it is easy to cause resonance, which can lead to structural deformation.”

He further stated, “to avoid this, we placed a number of giant glass balls on the deck to restrain the vibration. Each glass ball weighs around 62 stone, and they are placed irregularly, which will interrupt the steps of pedestrians and restrain the vibration.”

Tainbao stated that the maximum capacity of the glass-bottomed bridge is 800 stone. He also affirmed that people need not worry about the capacity of the bridge as according to him it is well fortified.

The glass-bottomed bridge is not just a simple passageway; people can also go bungee jumping and ziplining from the bridge. It is stretching across Zhuangjiajie Grand Canyon and has already set many world records.

The glass-bottomed bridge is 375 meter long and 6 meter wide. It has been ranked first in the world in length and height.  It also beats the walkway in Arizona which is above 720 ft from the ground. This is not the first glass-bottomed bridge in China. Shiniuzhai has a same kind of bridge, but it is only 200 meters above the ground, as reported by Independent.