Waleed Aly just took home a Gold Logie. However, it seems that not everyone is happy about it. Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) Party NSW senatorial candidate Kirralie Smith has criticised this win and has dubbed it as “ridiculous.”

The Project” co-host won two awards – a silver and a gold. He won the Best Presenter and Best Personality on Australian TV respectively. His speech was an inspired one too. He opened up about racism in the television industry.

However, senate candidate Smith has another point of view. She believes that Aly’s win was indicative of a “very closed industry,” informs The Daily Telegraph. She went ahead and challenged him to a serious debate on radical Islamic migrants to Australia.

“I issued an invitation to Waleed last year to have a debate about these issues and he has ignored it,” said Smith. The senate candidate also hates Aly for being condescending, reveals The New Daily.“I specifically chose Waleed because he is the one who started it. He condescends everybody but will not engage with anyone [in a debate about Islam],” she added.

Pedestrian TV published an article that elaborates Smith’s agenda. It reports that Smith wants to discuss with Aly about Sharia law coming to Australia. She also wants him to publicly condemn extremists that he has nothing to do with.

The ALA stands for stopping the Islamisation of Australia and it is said to be one of its 20 core policies. “As we go, obviously, and whatever affect we can have in government, we want to start somewhere and there is a lot of good people excluded from Australia right now that we discriminate against right now,” said Smith.

“We discriminate already when it comes to immigration and we want to have a very clear definition of that kind of discrimination right here, right now so we can measures in place for the security of this nation and it is very important and is a real concern,” she added.

Waleed Aly has not made any statements so far.