Waleed Aly has won his Gold Logie, the top prize at Australian television’s night of nights, while dedicating the top prize to “Dimitri, Mustafa.”

According to him, Aly’s win is a tribute to all the people with “unpronounceable names like Waleed.”

Aly expects that his Gold Logie win will shatter all barriers in Australian TV. He emancipated his hope by delivering a speech to touch on racism in the industry.

The co-host of “The Project”  won the top award for the Best Personality on Australian TV. Earlier, he won Best Presenter award on Sunday night.

Loved Waleed Aly singing his wife Susan Carland's praises during his Gold Logie acceptance speech. What a couple!

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While the journalist and commentator opened up about racism within the TV industry, he also mentioned that he had been privately championed by people he knew, to win.

The host of Channel 10’s news and current affairs program defeated five other nominees including two fellow news commentators in the Best Television Personality category.

He told the audience that people from various cultural backgrounds deserved greater representation on the small screen. Aly began his acceptance speech with a nod to awkward comments made in the lead-up to the awards ceremony, says ABC News.

Congrats to #WaleedAly who takes home the Gold Logie at this years #tvweeklogies

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“Do not adjust your sets … there’s nothing wrong with the picture. I’m sure there’s an Instagram filter you can use to return things to normal,” he said.

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He also said that this whole thing is actually happening. Ultimately, a male presenter on commercial TV has won the Logie.

Aly described to the audience about a follower called Dimitri who insisted him on taking home the prize.

“He came up to me and through gritted teeth commanded me to claim this award tonight. This really, really mattered to him. This really meant something to him,” Aly said.

He also talked about a person named Mustafa, who is known on TV with a different named as he was asked to change it.

He said that Mustafa really wanted Aly to win. Mustafa also said that he can’t use that name because he won’t get a job.

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Aly added that it actually matters to people like Dimitri and Mustafa that he was there on the stage, says The Daily Telegraph.