The former Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp did have some harsh opinions when he discussed about the state of German football in a recent interview.

According to the Goal, the current Liverpool manager discussed about Germany’s “development of the International Stars” and suggested that a “number of tall technical players were poor in the air”.

In the interview hosted by Subway, Klopp said: “Now [in Germany], we have so many unbelievably skilled players and no one of these offensive players can make a header. It’s like we forgot it.

He also clarified his stance stating that German footballers’ “move towards the technical skills had come at a price”. He identified many German players who started their careers as forwards but soon moved back to midfielder’s spot “due to an inability to head the ball” and “a need for more space to work with.”

“Tall players, like Schurrle, Ozil, Reus, they are all like six foot, a good size, for an offensive player. They were strikers and they thought ‘ah, okay, no header’, bam, ‘I need a little bit of space’, bam, position moves back.”

Liverpool will travel to Germany to take on Borussia Dortmund in their Europa Cup Championship quarter-final campaign. They are high on confidence after beating English Premier league rivals, Manchester United.

In addition to the recent news, Klopp has been criticised by one of his own camp members. As per the Express UK reports, Belgium Forward and current Liverpool player Christian Benteke has “voiced” his frustration over selection issues. He was definitely not happy with his current manager after signing a $61 million (£32.5 million) deal last summer to join Liverpool from Aston Villa.

“What’s annoying me the most, is that I would have never signed for Liverpool if I wasn’t the manager’s first choice,” said Benteke.

“Everything was there to play a good season at a big club. And it started well …

“I am the first to admit that I haven’t shown enough my worth for a team like Liverpool. On the other hand, under Brendan Rodgers, I knew I would get the opportunity to show my qualities, to show that I was worth the money and that I deserved to wear the shirt of Liverpool.”

We have to wait and watch how Klopp chooses to go with the team combination against Dortmund.