Living with your partner doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be married. With the 21st Century rolling about, we are witnessing a lot of couples moving in with their partners right after they start dating. The reason is not only to live together with each other, it’s also about the manner of satisfaction their company provides. This satisfaction comprises of both physical and emotional aspects. Life with a partner widens the factuality of how much you can adjust with one another. Also, nowadays, couples don’t prefer in getting married. Why? Because according to them, marriage is a holy sacrament, and nothing more. Signing on a piece of paper can not judge the level of devotion, affection, and respect one has for their partner. Therefore, lots of couples are staying under the same roof without the wedding vows.

Fortunately, science has backed this out. As specified by science, it is stated that couples who, once are graduated and are financially independent, start to live together for longer have higher possibility of continuing having stronger bonds even if they decide to marry at later stage of their life. In other words, the chances of divorce rates decrease, compared to those who early marry without cohabitation. An up to date study that got published in the Journal of Family Psychology shows that the emotional advantages the young couples possess are the same as the married couples. This is especially among the women in such relationships.

The Study

The study under went in 1997 by the researchers at the University of Ohio. The team collected informations from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. This information consists of a research that worked with 8,700 people, all born from the timeline of 1980 to 1984. Next, the researchers started to conduct their research in 2000 and continued till 2010. Over the period of 10 years, the team consistently tracked down the volunteers’ relationship statuses, and their emotional sufferings of any kind.

The Result

The result disclosed that when it came to the first serious relationships, men boosted happiness after marrying their partner. Meanwhile, women showed no significant changes in emotion whether they live with partner or are married to them.

“There is no additional boost from getting married,” said Sara Mernitz, co-author of the study, on regards to women’s emotional changes.

On the other hand, the study showed a different result when it came to the second serious relationships. In their second relationships, both men and women showed the same emotional boost, whether they live with partner or tie knots to them. In other words, these people feel more relaxed and happy in their second relationship regardless of marriage or live together.

The Reason

What could be the reason for boosting happiness in second relationships? According to another co-author, Claire Kamp Dush,  “The young people in our study may be selecting better partners for themselves the second time around, which is why they are seeing a drop in emotional distress.”

She further explained, “At one time, marriage may have been seen as the only way for young couples to get the social support and companionship that is important for emotional health. But it is not that anymore. We are finding that marriage isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of living together.”

The US Census Data showed that in 1996, there were 2.9 million couples living together without being married. And the number increased to 7.8 million in 2012. Also, in that same year, about two-thirds of couples cohabitated for two years before their weddings.


From all these studies and researches, we can happily conclude that living with your partner can actually boost happiness. Next time you two are deciding on what to do, stay together for a while. It will uplift your level of contentment.