Is Little Mix Perrie Edwards still bitter of her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik? Apart from the group’s latest song, the media radar notices something about the British singer.

Edwards and the former One Direction member dated for four years. They were also engaged for two years. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in 2015.

According to sources, Malik was the one who broke the engagement off. The worse part of the rumor is that he had done it via text message.

To add salt to the injury, the Pillowtalk singer then flaunted his relationship with the famous model, Gigi Hadid months after the breakup. On the other hand, Little Mix Perrie Edwards still talks about her heartaches until now.

The latest of her revelation includes loving a “break-up diet.” According to The Sun, the girls talked about their lives after a failed relationship.

But more than that, she might also love to give advice to people who experienced the same situation with her. “I’m like an agony aunt. I feel amazing, I can’t get enough of it,” she told the Daily Star.

“So many people approach me at nightclubs saying, ‘You changed my life, I’ve never felt better,” she added.“Or, ‘I got dumped two weeks ago and your song makes me feel great. Guys too have told me they put the song on repeat to help them.”

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While it might appear the Little Mix Perrie Edwards is still bitter about her ex, the original lyrics to Shout Out to My Ex could be on point, about Malik and his new girlfriend. reported that the words were like this: “Heard he been f—-ng some model chick, yeah that s— hurt I’ll admit, but f— that boy I’m over it.”

She explained that they needed to change the lyrics to avoid censorship. But do you think she is still bitter about the break-up? Let us know in the comments below.

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