The Little Mermaid cast for the live action flick could possibly become a monster hit if they include Lady Gaga as Ursula.

Anticipation for the live-action retelling of the Little Mermaid likely picked up in the past few days. Recent reports of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s participation as its music handler would certainly do that. Thus, his collaboration with Alan Menken could only bode good things for the adaptation in terms of music. Also, the idea of Lady Gaga on the Little Mermaid cast could be a no-brainer. Here are five reason why mother monster would be perfect for the role.

1. Her voice

Hands down, Mother Monster can belt out Ursula’s iconic song Poor Unfortunate Souls perfectly. The Grammy award winner would nail that performance without a doubt.

2. She is also a bona fide actress

The Golden Globes recognized her portrayal of a bloodthirsty countess on American Horror Story: Hotel. Thus, she might feel right at home on the Little Mermaid cast in the role of the sea witch. Earlier reports hinted the live action movie would use the Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairy tale. Hence, the darker tone of the film would likely complement Mother Monster.

3. She is a gay icon.

As it turns out, animators based Ursula on the well-known drag queen Divine. Her status as a gay icon would likely give her insight to give one of the best portrayals of the character to date.

4. She has the moves.

Apparently, she does not share the same body type as Ursula. Fans were quick to point out that Rebel Wilson does. However, Lady Gaga can confidently handle the role with her “campy swagger,” Buzzfeed wrote.

5. She is a chameleon.

Lady Gaga is an artist who is the full package. From her music to her appearance, she can switch genres and looks with ease. Hence, she would likely embrace the physical transformation to look like Ursula.

Do you agree Lady Gaga would be perfect as Ursula on the Little Mermaid cast?