Crime Stoppers has revealed a list comprising almost 20 most wanted fugitives who will be chased for charges and allegations including theft, assault and other offenses.

The move has come following the new campaign, Operation Roam – Fugitive Hunt, of the crime-controlling body under which it would retrieve the escapees. All of them have been alleged of one or more counts of charges. The operation will focus on the manhunt to find the listed fugitives and lead to their arrest.  The charges also include murder and conspiracy.

The operation has come with a deadline of two weeks beginning on Monday.  The police have asked for information from the public in case they have any. To ensure public participation in the matter, Crime Stoppers has revealed the list of fugitives targeted this season. The listed escapees belong to New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. The crime controller, however, has specified that the listed ones might already be living interstate.

Crime Stoppers Australia Chairman Bryan Roach said that the list intends to warn the public to remain out of the reach of the fugitives. He also requested the public to help the authorities in finding them.

“We need your help,” Crime Stoppers’ Bryan Roach said as quoted by the ABC. “These criminals are hiding in our communities, interstate and next door, perhaps known to family members and colleagues.”

The law enforcement authority has also promised to provide $1,000 as reward to those whose information would lead to the arrest of the fugitives.

The names of the 19 fugitives are as follows:

  1. Luke Crieff Stuart Broadhead
  2. Nicholas Paul Byrne
  3. Robert Douglas Cairns
  4. Thuc Van Chu
  5. Robert Gordon Pollybank Gee
  6. Jonathan Daniel Lowe
  7. James Mahoney
  8. Samuel Terrance McGovern
  9. Dane Gregory Moore
  10. Lullo Pata
  11. Tanompong Pota
  12. Graham Gene Potter
  13. Darren Ronaldo Rispen
  14. Eugene Thomas Rumjahn
  15. Jayde Alfred Shackow
  16. San Sem
  17. Anthony Sitar
  18. Piet Luan Ta
  19. Daryl Dean Wellington

Visiting will help the public get other details and view the photographs of the fugitives.