Murtaza Ahmadi is one lucky boy. He is finally going to meet his football hero Lionel Messi after pictures of him wearing a plastic jersey went viral on social media.

In the photos, the 5-year-old Afghan boy is seen wearing a handmade plastic shirt with the Argentinian national team’s colors and scrawled on it is Messi’s name and team number.

Snaps of Ahmadi and stories of how much he would like to meet Messi began to spread in Facebook and Twitter last month. Luckily, it caught the attention of Messi himself.

According to the Inquistr, the football star who recently won his fifth FIFA Ballon D’or award and the whole Barcelona team communicated with the Afghan Football Federation to express their desire to meet their five-year-old fan.

Afghan Football Federation spokesman Syed Ali Kazemi confirmed last Monday that Murtaza will meet Messi at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s homes stadium, at a date yet to be decided.

Kazemi also said that because of Murtaza’s passion for football, the federation will do everything they can to train him to be a part of the Afghanistan national team.

As for Ahmadi’s family, his father is “very happy” that his son has become famous. He said that the boy is “really excited that his pictures are everywhere now.”

He also shared that his son “wants to become a football player in the future and go to school.”

Ahmadi’s father previously related how his son would wake up in the middle of the night crying to meet Messi.   He also relate how difficult for him to tell his son that getting a Messi shirt is impossible considering their poor financial condition.

“I told him that we were living in a poor village far from the city and it was impossible for me to get him the shirt,” Ahmadi’s father, an Afghan farmer, said.

As an alternative, the little boy Murtaza got a plastic shopping bag in the Argentinian colors and asked his brother, 15-year-old Homayoun to fashion a Lionel Messi shirt out of it.