Lin family murders legal proceedings took a new turn with Kathy Lin’s husband found guilty of the five murders committed in 2009. The five bodies were found bludgeoned to death in their beds. There have been four murder trials held to find out the hidden truth behind the murders but Xie never seemed losing his calm throughout the procedure.

It was on July 18 when the bodies of Lin’s family members were recovered in North Epping. The victims included Epping newsagents Norman and Lily Lin, Lin’s kids Henry, 12, and Terry, 9, and Liliy’s sister Irene Yunbin. Around two years after the murders in May 2011, police arrested Xie as a suspect of the murders. He was charged with five counts of murder.

The trial began in May 2014 but the court could only decide on the final verdict in 2017. There has been two aborted trials for Xie on Lin family murders proceeding whereas one hung jury and a fourth trial where Xie remained in the wooden dock. The jury remained clueless on the case and could not reach a unanimous verdict after eight days of deliberation during the murder trial.

Final Verdict on Lin Family Murders

The five victims of Lin family murders were beaten harshly and their bodies were lying on the pools of blood with bright red stains on the walls. The Crown claimed that the suspect received as inferior status in the family and hence he intended to kill his brother-in-law and other members out of jealousy. The bloodied shoeprints were obtained from the crime scene that indicated the shoes belonged to ASICS sport shoes. It was the same brand used by Xie, the Crown argued.

On the other hand, defense lawyer Robert Webb said that the shoe prints found at the spot were believed to belong to three different brands and not ASICS alone. On Thursday, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton told the jury to be back to the jury room to reach a verdict. After examining all sides of the Lin family murders case, a majority of 11 jurors at NSW Supreme Court found Xie guilty of the five murders, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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