Lin family murder massacre has taken another turn with Robert Xie all set to lead rest of his life in jail.  He has been given five life sentences for bludgeoning five of his relatives. Two of his young nephews and three other family members were in their bedrooms when Xie murdered them.

The NSW Supreme Court handed the judgement to Robert Xie who put five of the Lin family members to death in July 2009.  Justice Elizabeth Fullerton said on Monday that the 53-year-old murderer will face five life sentences over killing 45-year-old brother-in-law Norman Min Lin, Min’s wife 43-year-old Yun Li Lily Lin, their kids 12-year-old Henry and nine-year-old Terry. The fifth victim was Lily’s sister Irene Yin Yun Bin, 39.

Robert Xie was found guilty of the five murders in January. While the court ruled he was guilty, Xie continuously insisted on being innocent with wife Kathy supporting him. Kathy was also the sister of one of the Lin family murder victims, Min. The murder reports suggested that all the five victims suffered severe head injuries after the heinous attack.

The murderer used a hammer-like weapon attached to a rope to kill the victims in their North Epping home.  The justice described the act as “heinous in extreme.” She said that the bedrooms were full of blood. “Lily Lin was struck at least five times with the hammer-like object to her face and head,” Justice Fullerton said.

She also said that the blood patterns in the rooms suggested that Terry resisted the attack. She was the only one victim who “was likely to have survived” after the severe injuries.

Lin Family Murder: Kathy Still Maintains Xie’s Innocence

When the court ruled Xie was guilty of Lin family murders, Kathy maintained his husband’s innocence. She said he was a good “husband, father, son, uncle and friend.” She added that her husband shared a “good relationship” with her family. On the other hand, The Crown said that it was jealousy that prompted Xie to kill the family members. The “inferior” status within the family led him to illustrate such a “murderous assault.”

9News reported that prosecutor Tanya Smith made a submission stating that the only ideal punishment for the Lin family murderer would be five life sentences. She said that the murder massacre belonged to the highest order of criminality. However, after the judgment on Monday, there was no emotion noticed on Robert Xie’s face.

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