After eight years of silence, the only surviving member of Lin family member, Brenda Lin, unveils a motive that might have led to five Lin family murders. She revealed a shocking sexual motive behind the murders. The murders took place in July 2009 at their North Epping home.

This week NSW Supreme Court gave five life sentences to Robert Xie, Kathy Lin’s husband. He was found guilty of the Lin family murders in January and will now remain in jail for a lifetime. The court’s judgment came following three years of hearings and four trial proceedings. The court ruled that the murderer killed Lin family members because of his lowly status. His inferiority complex made him illustrate the murders.

Until now there has been no report of what motive could have prompted Xie to conduct Lin family murders. Xie entered the property and used a hammer-like object to put them to death while all were sleeping.  The murderer killed 45-year-old Norman Min Lin, his wife 43-year-old Yun Li Lily Lin, her sister 39-year-old Irene Yin Yun Bin along with the Lin couple’s children 12-year-old Henry and 19-year-old Terry.

Motive behind Lin Family Murders

Brendy Lin, the eldest child of Min and Lily, told the NSW Court that her uncle sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. She said that she moved in with Xie and Kathy after Lin family murders when her uncle exploited her sexually. She also mentioned and gave evidence of times when Xie inappropriately touched her before the murders.

The Supreme Court derived one of the motives of Lin family murder. It stated that Xie would get a chance to take advantage of his niece with her family members dead and she staying with him under the same roof. “He was someone that I trusted…As a person who isn’t a murderer. And also know what he has done,” Lin said in Seven Network’s Sunday Night program. “I’d give anything to have my family back.”

The statement of Brenda Lin turned out to be a turning point for the case after which Justice Elizabeth Fullerton elaborated the motives behind Lin family murders, which included his inferiority complex. “At the trial of the offender, the Crown relied upon two possible motives operating separately or in combination in proof of the Crown case. First, the offender’s sexual interest in [Ms. Lin], as evidenced by his sexual interest in her before the murders and his serialized sexual abuse of her after the murders when, upon the death of all members of her immediate family, she became a member of his household.”

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