If you are a fan of supernatural films then Lights Out is possibly the one for you. Revolving around dark and uncanny passages of paranormal activities the Lights Out movie is shot under the direction of David F. Sandberg.

While Sandberg took this spooky idea and scared the crap out of people, actors like Teresa Palmer (as Rebecca)  have given things a realistic twist . What more to see in Lights Out movie let us learn from Palmer?

In an Interview with JoBlo, the Aussie actor told that Lights Out movie is her first horror film. When she asked why she chose to be a part of this spooky piece, she expressed that the vulnerable and horrified side of the characters were the first elements that excited her the most.

Teresa Palmer’s experience while filming Lights Out movie was no less than a nightmare. It triggered her childhood fears of darkness.  Darkness is something which every child is terrified of and the reasons are quite obvious. The absence of light invites the fear of unknown.

Another intriguing factor about Lights Out is the ghostly character in the flick is not a part of any digital special effect. It is being played by a real actor named     Alicia Vela-Bailey.     Vela-Bailey is playing Diana, the supernatural entity who returns with a vengeance to torment the entire family of Rebecca.  Teresa Palmer shared how she used to get horrified about Diana due her extremely eerie makeup.

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The 30-year-old described how Lights Out movie left her with a frightening feeling. Throughout the shooting of the film, she slept keeping the lights on.

Teresa Palmer explained to JoBlo how she and her onscreen character Rebecca have many similarities. Teresa and Rebecca share the same kind of bonding with their mothers.  So she tried her best to put all her real life experiences into her reel life portrayal.

Teresa Palmer’s words give subtle hints about Lights Out. Now it won’t be tough to imagine the intensity of scariness the film is going to offer the audience.

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The synopsis of Lights Out movie:

Rebecca is worried that her brother, Martin, is being stalked by a spirit only visible in the dark. She links it to past events that may correspond to the events that are haunting her brother. She refers the spirit to her mother’s childhood friend, Diana, who loved the dark. It is later discovered that Diana faced some kind of horrible event that leaves her wanting to do evil things.

Lights Out movie is coming to the theaters July 22, 2016, through Warner Bros. Pictures. Stay tuned for more updates.