It must be a frightening experience for two backpackers as they were struck by lightning while allegedly taking a selfie in Brisbane.

The incident took place in Stanthorpe’s Mount Marley Lookout in Southern Queensland on Sunday evening, reports Brisbane Times.

“I understand they were trying to take a selfie and the gentleman who had the phone in the air got hit and the person next to him suffered heart failure,” Southern Downs Councilor Cameron Grow told ABC news on Monday, quotes the source.

Grow, who is also the region’s deputy chairman for Disaster Management Group, also stated on Fairfax Media that the pair was not familiar to the area where the incident happened.

“Backpackers a bit new to the area probably wouldn’t realise the danger and they got knocked around a bit,”  via Brisbane Times.

The tourists were first brought to Stanthorpe hospital by Queensland Ambulance Service before being taken to Toowoomba hospital- which is three kilometers away from the scene.

Fortunately, a Toowoomba hospital representative confirmed, both men were discharged on Monday morning.

Aside from the two unidentified backpackers, two men were also struck by lightning bolt during the bad weather in Brisbane, notes ABC News.

A 25-year-old man had been hit by lightning at Springfield, south-west of Brisbane around 6:10 PM of the same day. The victim sustained minor injuries.

On the other hand, a 24-year-old man also cheated death from an electrocution accident in the Ipswich suburb of Riverview.

According to Queensland Ambulance Service, the man received “an electric shock when he touched a car with fallen power lines laying across it.”

The bad weather in Brisbane caused damages to some trees and properties as well.

“Mainly trees down and blocked gutters from the amount of hail and quite a few broken skylights as well,” according to Local SES controller Jamie Goodwin.

Reporter Penny Dahl took to twitter a photo of fallen trees.