A new tram network proposal has been announced by Premier Mike Baird.  This will add in a new light rail system into the Western Sydney Hub, Parramatta. The new line will be replacing some trains such as the Carlingford line which runs from Rydalmere to Sydney Olympic Park.

It will start in Westmead and move along to Sydney Olympic Park and Strathfield via Parramatta CBD. The branch line will also stop at Western Sydney University (South Campus) in Rydalmere. This will make it easier for students to commute using the public transport.

“The light rail network will help Parramatta reach its potential as Sydney’s second CBD and be a major boost to existing public transport services in western Sydney.” Mr Baird said in a statement.

The government have argued against this new tram line stating that the train service currently in place takes only 15 minutes to go around the Western Sydney area.  However, transport minister Andrew Constance has countered that about 10,000 passengers will be transported from the hospital in Westmead around to Sydney Olympic Park in an hour.

Local Parramatta politicians have campaigned against the light rail only stopping at Olympic park.  The are hoping that a new light rail line will be moving across to new areas which need it the most.  With this new light rail line, there has been a sudden boom in education jobs as 1800 applicants will move from Sydney CBD to Parramatta. The government is also planning to introduce new residential development in the area to accompany the new schools and road upgrades that the city has to offer.

All this new development will cause pressure to plan manager Mr Baird as the government has only granted $1 billion dollars for this project. He is now challenging the government to add in an additional $1 billion for the light rail network to be completed properly.

Plans for the light rail network will start in early January 2019.