Veteran Liberal MP, Kevin Andrews, said that he would be “prepared” to take the challenge for Prime Ministership, under the proper circumstances.

Former defence minister Andrews has flamed the recent outbreak of Liberal Party disunity, as Andrews gets ready to mark 25 years as the member for Menzies.

While talking to the press, Andrews spoke about his work in the electorate, his past disappointments and the conditions under which he would go back to the front bench.

However, he claimed to have been taken out of context when he was talking to reporters.

It is common knowledge that Andrews is a key supporter of former prime minister Tony Abbott. He had “raised eyebrows” in Liberal ranks as he declared “at the present time, Mr. Turnbull is the prime minister,” says The Sydney Morning Herald.

Andrews challenged fellow Liberal Julie Bishop for the deputy leadership of the party when Turnbull was elected to the Prime Minster’s office last year.

“There wasn’t anything particularly negative about Julie, but she had been deputy leader under Brendan (Nelson), Malcolm, Tony and I thought, ‘well, there hadn’t really been a contest for the deputy leadership’,” he said.

His remarks about Turnbull was called upon as “truly bizarre,” while another MP said, “just f— off.” His words are being discredited as there is an election in prospect as soon as July 2.

“I made that decision sort of spur of the moment because it just came up, so I thought there should be a contest, people should be able to decide who they want.” he said.

Andrews, who belongs to the conservative side of the Liberal, has made headlines throughout Australia since he started to represent the area in 1991.

According to Herald Sun, Andrews had revealed to Leader that he would ignore the result of a plebiscite on gay marriage. He is inclined on getting more attention on the issue of congestion on Manningham’s roads.