Is Liam Payne dead? Fans mourn over his username change. Then again, are they grieving about something more than that?

It would seem change is a constant thought in the mind of Liam Payne lately. Fans have yet to get over his earlier announcement. Indeed, many still feel the sting of his decision to sign a solo recording contract with Capitol Records UK. Even his One Direction mentor Simon Cowell could not hide his disappointment, hence the notion of a possible feud between them.

The latest evolution of Liam Payne seemed to have drawn the ire of netizens. #RIPfakeliampayne trended on Twitter as fans reacted to the recent changes the One Direction star made to his social media accounts. Apparently, he revised his username on Twitter and Instagram. As @_irwinxgiggle said, it is just a username after all. However, it appears not everyone is fine with the change as it gives the impression of something more significant. Consequently, fans cannot help but express their grief about it.

@ProudLiLoGirl likely captured the sentiment of other One Direction stars. The statement of Harry Styles could be what every fan has asked since Liam Payne changed his IG user from fakeliampayne to Liampayne.

It looks like emotions also ran wild as #RIPFakeLiamPayne trended. @Vintage_Zayn and @nocontrolxhs captured the reactions in images that express the hurt fans felt. It even upset children.

Then again, @JeyPost gave everyone a dose of reality. It is a bitter pill that most One Direction fans have to accept in the wake of his solo career.

Perhaps, his earlier collaboration with TM 88 and Juicy J inspired the singer to explore other types of music. To date, he is reportedly working with grime producer Krunchie. Hence, this could produce his most exciting work to date. However, would it be enough to absolve him of his crimes against One Direction fans?

“Liam wants to make it clear that he’s not just about cheesy ballads. He’s a serious musician with many different strengths. Krunchie has inspired Liam by teaching him more about a new area of music and hopes one of their tracks will be his debut solo single. He’s got sessions booked in with all the top producers in the US over the next few months,” Sugarscape cited insider information told to The Sun about Liam’s latest musical adventures. Despite the outrage of fans, it seems nothing can stop Liam Payne from pursuing his solo career.