Could Liam Payne be the next One Direction star to experience the joys of fatherhood after Louis Tomlinson?

Liam Payne surprised, well almost to the point of scared, his fans with the sudden change of his username last month. It raised concerns among Directioners hopeful for the boyband to get back together again. The move came after his earlier decision to sign up with another recording company, much to the chagrin of Simon Cowell. Hence, their worries at how the changes in his life would impact their reunion. Yet could another possible development in his life cause fans to cheer or jeer?

Once again, Liam Payne edited his Twitter account. This time around, his bio now reads “luckiest man in the world.” No explanations. Only a simple declaration of how he likely feels. Hence, it could mean many things, personal or professional. Fans chose to focus on the personal angle, thus their conclusion that his girlfriend Cheryl Versini is pregnant.

The couple first met on the set of the X Factor UK in 2010. However, at the time, Liam was one of the hopefuls while Cheryl was a judge. Flash forward to 2016 when the couple made their relationship public via Liam’s loving declaration on Instagram. Reports later suggested the couple secretly wed and were already working on building a family. Thus, could his new bio be a hint? The rumor gained more momentum as a source reportedly revealed Cheryl’s determination to conceive. Mail Online cited Now magazine’s source.

“Cheryl’s never been more determined to have a baby. It’s like it’s the only thing in the world that matters to her. She’s never been so focused on something. Cheryl has a stash of pregnancy and motherhood books she’s always reading.” Her healthier look in a recent L’Oreal ad could also give the rumor more weight.

Neither the couple nor their representatives have come forward to comment on the rumor. Nevertheless, the speculation created a frenzy on Twitter with varied reactions from his fans.

Could Liam Payne be the next One Direction daddy?