There is a rise in LGBTQ violence in the US. Sunday mass shooting is not only the worst violence in the history of the US but also the most heinous act of attack on the LGBTQ community in the Western world.

Omar Mateen’s father said that his son accomplished the heinous crime out of rage against the LGBTQ community. Some other report says that Mateen had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Whatever be the reason, the fact that Mateen had chosen a gay nightclub to inflict violence, is not going to be changed. It has emphasized the fact that there is a rise in LGBTQ violence in the country.

The Southern Poverty Law Center in an FBI hate crime statistics of 2011 discovered that LGBTQ people are the victims of a hate crime even more than Jews and blacks.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the center said, “LGBT people are more than twice as likely to be the target of a violent hate-crime than Jews or black people.”

Mark also pointed that as LGBT population is relatively small and the hate crime against the community is significant, the people from this community face greater risk than others.

Potok emphasized said, “They are more than four times as likely as Muslims, and almost 14 times as likely as Latinos.”

Potok further stated that sexual orientation motivated 20 percent of the hate crimes in the year 2013, as reported by The Atlantic.  He also said that most of these crimes are not committed by a Muslim extremist.

He went on, “It’s a mix of white supremacists and their ilk and people who would be considered relatively normal members of society. The majority of attacks on gay people do not come from people who are members of organized hate groups.”

The Orlando massacre is not the single example of LGBTQ hate crime. In 2014 New Year’s Eve, Musab Masmari was convicted of setting fire to a Seattle Bar. There were 750 people inside the bar. However, everyone was unharmed.

Another report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) stated that there is a 20 percent jump in LGBTQ violence last year in the US. The report indicated that LGBTQ violence cases in 2015 are highest since 2012. It further stated that 24 people from the LGBTQ community including people with HIV were killed in the US, as per