Do you think it’s impossible to have a vacuum you can control with your smartphone? Think again. LG, one of South Korea’s leading tech innovators, has just introduced an addition to its line of robotic vacuums. What makes the LG Roboking vacuum different? What features can you expect it to have? Where can you buy it Down Under?

Aussies can now buy their very own Roboking from all Harvey Norman branches and other LG retailers around the country. The vacuum comes in three variants. The Roboking Turbo is a steal at AUD1,399. The Roboking Turbo + Wi-Fi, on the other hand, costs AUD1,599. Meanwhile, the Roboking Turbo + HomeView is a little more expensive at AUD1,799.

LG’s  Roboking Turbo + HomeView is the most technologically advanced model in this range. Typical vacuums sweep the floor and clean around the house. However, LG’s latest vacuum offering can do so much more. According to Tech Guide Australia, the Roboking Turbo + HomeView can also monitor the cleanliness of a house through its three built-in cameras.

Each of the vacuum’s cameras has a separate function as well. The first camera in front allows users to monitor their homes real time. Users can both monitor their homes and change the vacuum’s path through the ThinQ app, which is downloadable on any given smartphone.

The vacuum’s upper camera, meanwhile, allows it to clean your house even in reduced lighting. This camera can create maps of your home, allowing it to figure out the most efficient way to clean the entire space. The lower camera is an optical sensor that allows it to read the patterns on the floor.

In addition to the cameras, this vacuum also has the other functions of the two other LG Roboking Turbo models. These functions include:
– long-lasting run time of up to 100 minutes
– capacity to clean in the corners of any given room
– brushes that are now 1.5cm longer
– voice notification
– digital bumper and smart exit
– easy out dust bin
– turbo mode
– remote controller
– custom-fit cleaning modes

Check out the LG Roboking Vacuum at work in the clip below.