Device manufacturers have set the Mobile World Congress 2016 once again as their stage to showcase their upcoming flagships and innovative offerings that will soon be out in the market. Samsung has its heavily anticipated Galaxy S7 up at its showroom, and LG’s daring modular G5 ready to take the limelight. Now, it seems like both South Korean tech giants are now at war, with LG drawing the first blood as it disses Samsung in its latest tweet.

The news comes shortly after both companies had their respective events. LG took it to Twitter and posted a photo, mocking Samsung’s latest flagship by showcasing what the real use of the number ‘7’ is. Alongside the LG G5, the company also unleashed seven accessories that go perfectly with its flagship smartphone. These are LG’s Rolling Ball, Cam Plus, Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play, 360 VR, 360 Cam, Tone Platinum, and the H3 by B&O PLAY.

“Think not what your phone can do, but what you can do with your phone,” LG’s tweet reads and implying that the number ‘7’ is best associated with the flagship’s long list of “Friends” instead of branding it with a singular device. By the numbers, LG’s line of accessories and modules for its G5 come aplenty.

LG wants to showcase the new and innovative features that come with the G5, which, at this point in time, is a spectrum that Samsung has yet to conquer. However, the prices for LG’s modules and accessories for its flagship are still unknown, so it’s still a question if it will have a huge impact over the sales of the G5.

On the other hand, Samsung has its longstanding legacy that it has established with its flagship, taking over the world by storm with bigger screens, faster performance and innovative features. Moreover, the lineup has also received several design iterations, which gave it a fresher look every time Samsung releases a flagship on an annual basis. This time, the company looks more than serious with the Galaxy S7, all thanks to its set of new tricks and a bevy of upgrades.