The LG G5 have had its fair share of rumors about its potential specifications and release date, but just like most rumors, they are not absolute unless LG confirms it.

However, there are those sources that can be called reliable and can make a certain rumor guaranteed, despite not having official confirmation from the electronics company. One of these sources are cellphone casing manufacturers and one such company may have just confirmed a rumored feature of the LG G5.

In a report by GSM Arena, diagrams of a case manufacturer’s design for the LG G5 reveals that the casing is made to accommodate a dual camera feature.

Still, it is important to note that these photos, much like rumors, are also not verified so there is no way to know whether these cellphone casing designs are indeed a product of a legit company or just made up.

If you are curious about what the photos look like or if you want to assess for yourself whether they are real or fake, you can visit GSM Arena here for the photos.

While a dual camera function is enough to gain buzz about the upcoming LG device, another controversial feature of the LG G5 circulating in the web right now is the so-called Magic Slot.

Android Authority details that if true, the Magic Slot pertains to a “removable bottom that allows users to insert optional modules.” The website goes on to say that these modules could be anything from a bigger battery to better and higher-end cameras. Other options that Android Authority lists down include a physical keyboard and a 360-degree VR camera, among others.

From these possibilities alone, it can be gathered that the Magic Slot has a lot to offer. Still, it is important to note that such feature is too good to be true, so it remains to be seen whether this will see completion or just mere rumor.

Nothing is certain unless LG itself officially announces the LG G5 and its features.