The unveiling of new gadgets in CES 2016 is leaving lasting impressions. One of the most notable outcome of the event that sources noticed is that LG, Lenovo and HP released models with a stark resemblance to one source: Apple’s MacBook.

Mac Rumors lists down the devices as follows: a) Lenovo’s YOGA 900S, b) LG’s Gram 15, and c) HP’s EliteBook Folio.

The website describes the YOGA 900S as a device sporting a 12-inch display and an ultra-thin 0.5-inch carbon design–leading to its claim that it is the world’s thinnest laptop. However, Mac Rumors notes that Lenovo’s offering is heavier than the Retina MacBook at 2.2 lbs (the MacBook weighs 2.03-lbs).

Meanwhile, HP’s EiteBook Folio is described by Mac Rumors as follows:

“…a 12.5-inch Windows 10 laptop that is 0.49 inches thick and weighs less than 1 kg (2.2 lbs). The business-class notebook has a tapered metallic design, akin to the Retina MacBook, and features an Intel Core M processor and 4K bezel-free display at 352 PPI.”

The Verge, meanwhile, offers an extensive description and observation of LG’s Gram 15.

The website suggests that the Gram 15 from LG will suit those interested in a computer with a large screen but still sports a slim and light body. At 2.16 lbs, the company claims the LG Gram 15 is the lightest device in its size class. It also has a 15-inch display yet only is 0.6 inches thick.

However, what tops its striking semblance to the Retina MacBook is its gold finish.

Nevertheless, The Verge does not dismiss the fact that the LG Gram 15 still largely differs from the MacBook. Among the characteristics that the website details about LG Gram 15 include: IPS display at 1080p resolution, runs on Windows 10, and powered by Intel’s sixth-generation Core i5 or i7 processors. Battery life of the device is placed at “up to 7 hours.”

No release date has been announced yet for the LG Gram 15.