Leonardo DiCaprio is out on a mission! The actor/environmentalist is set to produce a post-apocalyptic adaptation that features climate change, coastal flooding and overpopulation.

The movie entitled “The Sandcastle Empire” is based on the book written by Kayla Olson for young adults and centers on the story of a young woman named Eden. Her tale is set in 2049 when the Earth is already at a breaking point due to harsh environmental conditions and the government was overthrown by a radical group known as the Wolfpack.

“The Sandcastle Empire” will follow her escape from a Wolfpack labor camp along with three other girls. As they flee the island, Eden discovers a series of clues about her missing father and how she is the key to bringing down the radical faction.

The environmental themes of Olson’s book was the main reason why Leonardo DiCaprio took on the project. He will be working with his partner at Appian Way, Jennifer Davisson.

The award-winning actor is an active advocate of environment protection. In fact, he recently had a private audience with the Pope about climate change. In a backstage interview with USA Today during the Screen Actors Guild Awards, DiCaprio opened up about his experience with Pope Francis.

He praised the Pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praise Be to You) where Pope Francis denounced the world’s fossil fuel-based economy and demanded for more environment friendly sources.  DiCaprio said that the encyclical is “among the most important things in climate-change history. Basically, it’s spreading the gospel that we should care about the planet we live in.”

Leonardo DiCaprio also highlighted that “it’s a sin to destroy our planet.”

During the interview, the actor also noted that he observed the devastating effects of climate change while filming “The Revenant” in Calgary, Alberta. He described the weather conditions as “extreme” with fluctuations from hot to cold.