Leonardo DiCaprio has caused a huge controversy.

Recently, Leonardo’s baby photos surfaced on the web. Instead of getting an overwhelming response, this cute vintage picture got strange reactions. The photo caught the attention of fans for the wrong reasons, who shifted their focus from adorable baby Leo to his mom Irmelin. To be specific, her unshaven armpit.

It is a photo from the 1970’s which was shared on the Facebook page “History in Pictures.” One sees the toddler Leonardo sitting on his mother Irmelin Indenbirken’s shoulder and his father George DiCaprio holding him. It has triggered a heated debate inviting over 8,000 comments and 14,000 shares so far.

People posted nasty comments calling Irmelin’s armpits gross, unhygienic, and disgusting, Huffington Post relays.

Some of the bad comments on the Facebook page are,

“Hopefully after his Oscar win can score himself a wee Gillette sponsorship and hook his mum up. And for all you greeting wifeys she should shave cause shes probs got more pit hair than his dad!! Thought woman wanted equality not to literally be as hairy as men”

“I am sorry but the armpits are disgusting! If you disagree then you probably don’t shave your legs, or wax, or no makeup and don’t take care of your hair, clothes, weight or what you look like. Come on everyone we are woman and who doesn’t want to look pretty. And if you don’t shave you probably don’t shower and smell!”

However, there are also groups which came to her rescue and posted comments like,

“Why does his mom have to shave? All women grow hair under their arms. This was a different time. This was normal. And women STILL DONT have to shave to appease you! She’s not gross, only your irrelevant opinion is.”

We are in an age where we hear news of women growing armpit hair for charity or trends like coloring underarms in rainbow hues. Even celeb like Madonna sports hairy underarms. Why do women still have to justify their preference to decide how they want their body hair to be?