Is it a bracelet? Is it a phone? No, it is the Lenovo foldable phone prototype revealed to the world at the Tech World convention held in San Francisco.

As noted by Digital Trends, the first offering appears to be a very narrow phone which works like a slap bracelet. This wraps around the wrist ensuring that the user is hands-free and yet has the phone with them. The second prototype is easily foldable and can be folded to be a small book easy to carry around.

According to report on Engadget, the Lenovo conference saw YouTuber Meghan McCarthy demo the device. She put on the phone as a band on her wrist. While it appeared like a bulky band with an active screen, it did leave fans intrigued. She then folded a tablet like a book, which again appeared to be really neat. Even though these devices aren’t the final products and just the prototypes, the concept doesn’t fail to impress.

CTO Peter Hortensius said, “What else has to bend as the screen bends?” With the prototypes easily bending and folding, it is natural that the internals like the battery, motherboard and other essentials would have to fold and unfold along with the display.

Samsung Galaxy X another rumored foldable phone is expected to be landing soon. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also heavily speculated to be arriving with a bendable screen. Reportedly, the offering is expected to sport Super AMOLED 2.5K screen with RGB subpixel arrangement. The Korean tech giant had introduced the foldable screen prototype back in 2013 and the latest whispers doing the rounds suggest that offering may be launched as early as 2017.  And now with Lenovo working on a foldable device, it appears that the coming few years will witness some seriously flexible gadgets hitting the markets.

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