Since the release of Beyonce’s new album Lemonade on April 23, the singer has set the whole internet on fire. The release of her album caused 2 million tweets. Not only this, different kinds of emoji are swirling around the net like that of lemons and honeys. Lemon emoji is the hottest celebrity on the internet now-a-days.

According to Wired, there are 1.8 million tweets with bee emoji, symbolic of Beyonce’s fanfare. There is a new twist in the story. Beyonce was earlier related to bee emoji and her fans called themselves BeyHives, Bee emoji now has a brother named Lemon. Last Sunday, bee emoji was used a quarter of million times and brother lemon half a million times, Daily Mail  reports.

This week also lemon emoji topped the chart. Lemons rules , leaving strawberry quite disheartened. The sale of digital fruits  dropped when Beyonce removed her album from Tidal.

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These emoji have also been used for the attacking purposes also. When Becky With Good Hair candidates Rita Ora and Rachel Roy were the causing sourness, they were squeezed with lemons emoji on Twitter and the Beyonce’s beehive stung both, according to Vanity Fair.

There were more than two million tweets with Lemon emoji, 62% of which were  tweeted during the release of the album on 23 April.

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The album which is a the mix up of racial controversies, controversial reviews and search for Becky with good hair did not let down the fans. They tweeted  lemon emoji all day long to support Blue Ivy’s mother.

Not only is the issue of alleged infidelity of Jay Z raised in the album, Beyonce has also dedicated her love for  her husband in the song Halo which has the lyrics “To my beautiful husband…I love you so much.”