The physical transformation of Alexander Skarsgard had been the talk of the town even before the Legend of Tarzan premiered.

The actor understood that a starring role in the “Legend of Tarzan” would require him to get into shape. His hard work certainly paid off as proven by the images and trailers for the movie. Skarsgard shared the diet tips that turned him into the “real King of the jungle” on “Conan,” Inquisitr revealed.

Host Conan O’Brien noted that only a few people like himself and Skarsgard could look like he did. The actor revealed a diet of chicken breasts and broccoli for nine months. Throughout it all, Skarsgard underwent constant training and weightlifting.

“We had a really good chef who tried. He was real artist and he really tried to make it interesting with herbs and lemon juice,” Skarsgard recalled. O’Brien’s next question revealed the drawback to the actor’s crazy diet. Skarsgard gave an honest reply when asked about his mental state throughout the nine-months.

“They gave me six meals a day, which is quite a lot. But the size, the portion was like this size, so I was constantly hungry. And I eat every three hours, which meant I spent the entire day thinking about food,” Skarsgard revealed.

“When I finished a meal, I would go, ‘alright two hours and fifty five minutes to go til my next meal,” he added. According to the Los Angeles Times, Skarsgard grew up watching black-and-white movies of Tarzan with his father Stellan. Hence, the opportunity to play his “ultimate hero” was likely worth the crazy diet he endured. “Legend of Tarzan” director David Yates liked the 6-foot-4 Skarsgard for the titular role early on.

“I wanted to find someone who had a real grace and presence and sense of otherness. He’s a very vertical actor with great length and shape. I wanted to get away from that he-man, squared look with the big, strapping leading man,” Yates said.

In preparation for the role, Alexander Skarsgard dropped alcohol, dairy, gluten, and sugar. He built up body mass by eating 6,000 calories a day. His rigid yet crazy diet allowed him to maintain the muscle and lose fat.
Watch “Legend of Tarzan” star Alexander Skarsgard reveal his crazy diet tips.