The Legend of the Blue Sea hits another ratings milestone.

Amidst several controversies, the SBS fan-favorite fantasy continues to dominate its timeslot.  According to media survey company AGB Nielsen Korea, the Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 passed the 20% viewership ratings Thursday night.

About 2.5 million viewers (22.1%) in Seoul metropolitan area watched the episode on December 1.  The TNmS ratings also showed that viewers ratings increased. Its nationwide survey increased from 16.4% in Episode 5 to 18.1% the following day.

The show’s Facebook page also shared ATAM ratings indicating that Episode 6 reached real-time highest audience ratings of 27.84% while Episode 6 was airing on Thursday night.

What happened in the Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 that many viewers tuned in?

Fans did not miss Episode 6 to see what will happen to Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun). At the end of Episode 5, she was seen on the ground after she was hit by a car. Was Heo Joon Jae’s (Lee Min Ho) able to save her on time?

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In Thursday’s episode, Joon Jae thought he lost Shim Chung. He used his con-artist tactics to gain entry at the hospital where he found Shim Chung. She survived the accident but her legs were hurt. It was earlier revealed that if Shim Chung gets hurt, she cannot get back to the ocean and live the life of a mermaid.

A teaser for Episode 7 shows her in a wheelchair. She was talking to a man, who will hand an envelope to her. This makes Shim Chung mad.  The sneak peek also shows Joon Jae and Shim Chung having a great time at a ski resort while he teaches her how to ski.

Watch Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7 sneak peek below.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is a fantasy romance drama based on the first fairy tale of Korea about a mermaid. It follows the life of a mermaid turned human and a con artist who doesn’t remember her.

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