The viewership of The Legend of The Blue Sea continues to grow, and so do accusations of plagiarism.

As the K-drama continues to receive excellent reviews from fans all over the world, plagiarism issues are also circling around the series.

After the first episode of the show was aired, allegations that The Legend of The Blue Sea copied BBC series Sherlock emerged. The Sherlock scenes that were said to be plagiarized by the Korean drama were the ones where it used text overlays on a person’s body parts. The Benedict Cumberbatch’s show is known to be filled with scenes like these.

Now, another allegation has come out. Apparently, the SBS show has multiple similarities with the movie Splash, The Jakarta Post noted.

The 1984 movie revolves around the romance between a successful businessman (Tom Hanks) and a mermaid (Daryl Hannah). In the movie, lead character Allen fell in love with the marine creature Madison who saved him from drowning in the ocean, like the storyline of The Legend of The Blue Sea.

Some viewers have spotted the resemblance of Shim Chung and the mermaid in Splash. Both characters learned to speak the human language through the things around them.

iTechPost earlier pointed out that The Legend of The Blue Sea writer was also the My Love From The Star creator. The Korean soap was previously accused of copying a scene from American TV series New Amsterdam.

The Legend of The Blue Sea features actor Lee Min Ho as the con artist Heo Joon Jae. Jun Ji Hyun, on the other hand, plays the mermaid Shim Chung. In the upcoming Episode 5, Shim Chung will leave Heo Joon Jae’s house.

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Meanwhile, The Legend of The Blue Sea still dominates the ratings amidst the controversies.

Its previous episode aired last Thursday (Nov 24) garnered the highest viewership ratings for the show so far.  Based on market research firm Nielsen in Korea, the SBS soap drew viewership ratings of 17.1 percent nationwide.

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