Break up rumors have hounded Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy since they first got together. But have they really broken up for good this time? Has the actor really moved on from Suzy? Does he also have a new girlfriend in China?

According to Asia Times, Lee Min Ho did visit China without Suzy recently. Some fans might read this as a sign confirming their break up. Some might even think he went there to visit a new girlfriend. However, he has not even confirmed their split yet.

A new girl might not even be the reason for his visit. The South Korean superstar does have an official reason for his recent trips. He only went abroad without his girlfriend to promote his new movie, “Bounty Hunters.”

As Asia Times reported, the actor, along with director Shin Terra, dropped by several malls in China to bring awareness for their movie. Lee Min Ho visited his fans in the Xi’an and Fuzhou provinces on June 23 and 24.

He also tried to meet up with fans in the Chinese capital of Beijing last week. But authorities had to cancel the event. “When thousands showed up for the ‘Bounty Hunters’ roadshow, local authorities canceled the event for safety reasons,” the actor’s representative confirmed. They held a special screening of the movie in the capital city instead. The cast and crew did all this to promote the actor’s new film project.

Meanwhile, his rumored ex-girlfriend recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar Korea for an interview. The magazine issue with Suzy’s tell-all will hit bookstores next month. She was just supposed to talk about her upcoming film, “Uncontrollably Fond.” But, according to, the actress seems to have hinted of her relationship drama with Lee Min Ho.

Suzy talked about undergoing a recent “reality check.” Could she have been referring to their speculated break up? Or could she have been talking about something else entirely?

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy have been together for over a year. Has their relationship really ended? Neither actor has definitely confirmed the rumors yet. Stay tuned for updates.